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Credit Card Processing offers the ability to accept all major credit cards and credit debit and other payment cards for your products or services. A full suite of credit and debit card payment systems, products and services are available to help merchants increase revenue, enhance their bottom lines and be competitive in the marketplace.

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Whether you’re accepting credit cards on an in-person terminal, online, or other methods, each transaction is charged a small processing fee. Credit card processing fees can vary depending on many different factors. Apply today for a free analysis that can determine your expected processing fee.

Whether you operate out of a storefront or online, an electronic payment gateway can handle your processing needs. Electronic payment gateways can process swiped retail transactions of all major credit cards through its virtual terminal or through a custom integration using web services. Its IP-enabled point-of-sale system offers an end-to-end solution that’s efficient and reliable.

The benefits of electronic payment gateways include shorter lines and faster checkouts that are sure to keep your customers satisfied and, for merchants, a reduction in operating costs by eliminating multiple dedicated phone lines and consolidating service costs for broadband.

To accept and process credit cards, a Point-of-Sale system is required. If you don’t have a POS System, we can offer this to you to purchase.

Point-of-sale terminals are the backbone of face-to-face (card present) credit card processing in the retail environment. A variety of state-of-the-art, PCI-compliant terminals are available to merchants.

Everything needed to process a credit card or signature debit card transaction can be found in a countertop point-of-sale terminal, including a magnetic card reader, phone or Internet connection to the processor and a receipt printer. With the addition of a keypad, you’re ready to process PIN debit cards as well.